Blah(g): Z

I turned off my facebook for a while now. When I heard about the news I couldn’t believe it. I opened and searched our conversations immediately…

I encourged you. We talked and I encouraged you to take the road less traveled like I did. I was your senior – just a year above you. We were in same organization in med school and you were the eager junior I grew to always remember and smiled upon. You were funny, adorable, smart, and hardworking.

You just passed your exams and got your license last November. You were just deployed yesterday. A day that changed so much for such a long journey filled with hopes and dreams. I don’t know what to say or do. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that…encouraged you.

An accident as they say. I inhaled deeply and I cried in silent tears of the future that was meant for you.

Thank you for your service Z.

You are a wonderful person.

I am so proud of you… #proudtobe


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